Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Life Changing Experience ( first draft)

On the summer of 2006, my life changed completely due to the birth of my baby daughter. It was something extraordinary a mix of feelings rush into my body when I saw her face for the first time. Since then she had affected my life in ways that I never thought someone could. I became more mature, stronger as a person, my goals towards life havechanged, and the most radical change is that I became number two in my life.
I was 22 years old at the time, and as a regular young adult I only cared about
partying, girls, drinks, and drugs, I was really immature to the point that I could drive under the influence and do not care about the consequences; however, just having her around me all the time change me drastically I do not do drugs anymore, party and drink occasionally, and girls well I still the same in that subject. In that year I had five different jobs, I would not last in a job for more than three months. I was constantly fired because I was always late, or probably my bad habit of disrespecting the boss; I have to say my temper and patience were not quite tolerable at the time, but she change all that I joined the military short after she was born giving me a better sense of authority and patience that surprises everybody that knows me really good.
I used to have a lack of self-esteem; I was weak, and I took life as a joke. It was
difficult for me to say no to trouble for example: my friends and I were hanging out in a club and someone could offer me drugs I did not have the courage, or strength to say no. On may 19, 2006, when that little person open her eyes and look back to me it was like a wake up call for me to be stronger, valiant, and determine towards life. She made me believe in myself and; whenever, I am having a crappy day, or when I think there is no solution to a situation in my life; all it takes is to take a look at her beautiful smile, or hear that sweet voice to regain strength and energy to get through that day or find the solution to the problem.
My daughter also changed my goals and ambitions towards life. I am currently in
the United States Navy where I am making a career as an accountant. I never thought
about college before until, my little angel, Genesis was born. I go to Tidewater
Community College pursuing an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts to later go to a four
year college and become a Spanish or History teacher. I am also planning to buy a house in the next couple of years it is hard now because my divorce is not final yet.
The most radical change I had made is that now I am number two in my life; now
before taking an important decision in my life I think about how the consequences would affect her for example: When I am up for orders I try to choose a safe place for her development, somewhere she will not notice the changes that involves moving around from place to place. I remember when my parents used to tell me that they would give their lives for me, or my brothers; however, I did not understand why they would make such sacrifice until she was born, and I became number two on that too; willing to do anything to keep her safe and comfortable.
My daughter is the most important person in my life, and thanks to her I am a
better person. She has changed me in ways that no one else could before. I pray everyday for wisdom and strength so I wont screw up as a father. She is the reason why I want a be better person and I will give my life for her.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My experience in ENG 111

English is my third language. I was expecting a more boring class based only on doing essays, and reading some boring material. Since the first day this class was different; we were waiting for the instructor for 15minutes well he was pretending to be a student, then I realize that this class will be different than any other one I have ever take, and yes it was a journey that was worth to be there.
He was unorthodox in everything he did; maybe because he was young. All the material we use in class was really good and was there for a reason. The class was a really good group we had students that were really young people just out of High School, and people in the late 40s. I think this diversity made the class not boring at all because everyone had a different perspective, point of views, and experiences in live that always kept the class going, and never make it that boring at least not for me. The group had a good participation in every topic. Personally I was expecting to learn to become a better writer and I think I achieved it at least better than I was before. I also learn how to rhetorical analyze everything in life and look for stuff that are hidden to the naked eye; look beyond graphics, text, pictures, movies, etc for what the author really want to deliver to the audience.
We did two presentations in front of everyone in class, kind of public speaking. One with a partner , and the final by ourselves. In my first presentation I did it with another student Oliver; our topic was to rhetorical analyze the song of Bob Dylan “Blowing in the wind” it was a cultural experience because I was not raised in this country , and I found it interesting to do research in a song that was written in the 1960s . The second was a topic that we will do a research paper and the theme I chose was racial profiling in America. I choose the theme because I am part of the minorities, and it was kind of easy doing the research on it.
Other thing we did in class was watch short videos, movies, and documentaries for rhetorical analysis purposes this was kind of cool because the class was not based on the instructor talking all the time instead using different elements to make the class worth to be there. I believe that is a good way of delivering a message to students especially in topic that can be boring when only using a book or typical learning aids.
The group was tight and we had fun learning new and old stuff. The class was very versatile; the instructor was a person that listened to students. The class was a good experience and I will recommend it to anyone it was a trip.


The instructor picked this movie because he said at the beginning of the class that he was a big fan of comic books at least that’s why I think he did it. It was kind of good to analyze something that I have seen before, and I was familiar with because I am a fan of comics too. Listening to the different points of views of the different students was really good especially from the older students that were not familiar with the movie or the comics.
The X-men is based off of the comic book, the time is the near future. There is a rift between normal humans and mutants. These mutants have gifts; these gifts can give them supernatural powers. Professor Charles Xavier has established a school where mutants can feel accepted and can learn to control their gifts. One day, a young girl calling herself "Rogue" runs away from home when she discovers her mutant gift. Then, she met a loner named Logan, and then they were attacked by a group of mutants and were discovered by some of Professor X's students. They found out that the mutants that attacked them were a part of another mutant organization lead by "Magneto". Magneto believes that this dispute between humans and mutants will escalate into an all out war. He has also built devices that will unnaturally make humans turn into mutants.
The good mutants at the end won the battle, proving that both species can coexist in peace, but Magneto was not defeated totally, in fact war is no over yet by the end of the movie you know that a sequel is coming out. It was a good material to analyze because it won’t make the students feel bored at class because is something that most of us know about it.

The Metamorphosis

The story begins with Gregor waking up in bed and finding out that he’s just turned into a bug, probably a roach. Despite his state, Gregor feels that he can still go to work. However, he proves unable to do this when he finds he has so much trouble getting out of bed and opening the door. Furthermore, no one can understand him. Gregor’s employer, who had come to Gregor’s house to fetch him to work, leaves in a very nervous state and Gregor worries about losing his job. The story ends with Gregor dying on his bed and his family working their issues, His sister found a job at the end as well as other family members. This novel has a weird topic turning a man into a roach but it is fictional, and we found out that the author was a very unique individual and also in the time it was written were happening important issues in the world.

In class we use this novel from Kafka to rhetorical analyze it, and it was a good experience because almost every one in class participated it giving different opinions, however, this is a very complex material because can be analyze in different ways but it was really interesting listen all the ideas including the one from the instructor.

We use this text and we compared it with the movie X-men 2. Once again everyone in class participated it with ideas, and we came up with both materials were very similar. From the authors and the characters. Metamorphosis was a really good pick from the instructor to teach us how the rhetorical analysis works. I think everyone in class had fun learning this topic and I think he should use it in future classes.

Supersize me

The instructor choose this documentary for the class to rhetorical analysis purposes, and again the class respond very well; we had a good time analyzing it a bunch of ideas about corporations like McDonalds and how the government don’t do anything to defend the people, instead it seems like the government aid the big corporations.
In this documentary Morgan Spurlock the author tries to show the audience why Americans are fat? and the answer that he gave us is fast food. He embarks on the most perilous journey of his life. The rules are for 30 days he can't eat or drink anything that isn't on McDonald's menu; he must wolf three squares a day; he must consume everything on the menu at least once and supersize his meal if asked. Spurlock takes across the country interviewing a host of experts on fast food and an equal number of regular folk while eating at the Golden Arches. Spurlock's grueling drive-through diet spirals him into a physical and emotional metamorphosis that will make you think twice about picking up another Big Mac.
The author is out to prove the physical and mental effects of consuming fast food. While doing this, Spurlock also provides a look at the food culture in America through its schools, corporations, and politics as seen through the eyes of regular people.
My personal point of view it is that a diet that consist only on fast food, and no exercises whatsoever, will make you fat, and also very unhealthy and the author was the guinea pig to show the audience something that common sense tell us. It was really good to learn all the facts and the opinions of the experts: doctors, dieticians, and lawyers through the whole movie, it was a good pick from the instructor.